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After falling madly in love with mango sticky rice, we knew that we couldn’t wait for its seasonal (and oh-so-brief) availability to come around each year. We believed that the good people of Maine deserved to eat sweet sticky rice year-round! We also believed that it was important to make a healthier version and to incorporate local ingredients when possible. We opened our shop inside the Portland Public Market House in January of 2017, and people fell hard for our freshly-steamed sticky rice and our house-made coconut sauce. And then on one terribly hot summer day in July of 2017, we decided to take the same ingredients found in our deliciously addictive coconut sauce and use them to concoct a dairy-free ice cream. We added raw cashews and lots of love, and the result was a rich and creamy frozen treat that made even skeptical dairy-lovers come back for seconds. Our ice cream is completely plant-based, but we promise that you won’t miss the dairy! We use no dairy, no eggs, no white or refined sugars, and no gluten in anything we make. We make all of the cookies, brownies, caramels, chocolate chips, and crumbles that go into our ice creams from scratch using only all-natural and plant-based ingredients. That goes for our fresh, house-made waffle cones too!

We still steam our sticky rice in bamboo baskets each morning, and hand cut our fresh fruits for each order of sticky rice, but now you’ll also catch us churning our made-from-scratch ice cream in small batches each and every day. It’s a labor of love, and we couldn’t be happier to share our treats with you! Come check out Portland, Maine’s only vegan ice cream shop and fall in love with all of our creamy, plant-based desserts!

our ice creams:

sea salted maple

local roasted latte

cinnamon cookie dough

double dark cocoa

lavender lemon cookie

vanilla date caramel

mint chunky chip

all made with: Organic Coconut Milk, Raw Cashews, Organic Maine Maple Sugar, Organic Coconut Sugar,
Organic Coconut Oil, and Maine Sea Salt.
contains: Coconut & Cashews

our sticky rices:

blueberry sticky rice with organic Maine wild blueberries

mango sticky rice with fresh cut mango

banana sticky rice with organic sliced banana

all made with: Bamboo-steamed Sticky Rice, Organic Coconut Milk, Organic Coconut Purée, Organic Maine Maple Sugar, Maine Sea Salt, and Fresh Fruit.
contains: Coconut

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